Dry ice blasting reinvented

Cold Jet is the pioneer & global leader in dry ice blasting technology, holding the original patent for modern dry ice blasting equipment. With unmatched experience, superior technology, and premium support.

highest performing line of dry ice blasters

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Cold Jet is an OEM of dry ice blasting solutions that offer a more effective and sustainable alternative for general cleaning than other methods such as abrasive, soda, and sandblasting. Dry ice blasting, also called dry ice cleaning, is an environmentally sustainable cleaning and surface preparation technique.


The Aero2 Series Advantage

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics with industry-first Cold Jet CONNECT®.
  • 7” LCD screen with digital controls.
  • Advanced Aerodynamic Low Load Airlock Feeder leads to consistent and pulse-free blast stream.
  • Precisely cut dry ice particles from 3mm to 0.3mm and every size in between with patented Particle Control System™.
  • Streamlined “straight-through” air system maximizes air supply yield.
  • Optimized design and material combination leads to weight and size reduction.
  • Coated tool grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel and polymer frame.
  • Cleans effectively at lower air supply and blast pressures.
Machine Performance

The most reliable, durable, and advanced dry ice blasting & cleaning machines in the world

Cold Jet blasting equipment is designed utilizing our best- in-class, proprietary technology that provides the lowest cost of ownership and the quickest return on investment.

The Aero2 line

Fine tune the blasting parameters for your unique application

While using less air and less dry ice the machines are easy to use with an intuitive HMI display & are ergonomically designed.

Solution for Every One

A solution for every application, in all industries

When working with CO2 , precaution must always be taken to ensure that the area is sufficiently ventilated and that proper PPE is worn when dealing with the liquid or solid form of CO2 (dry ice).

Coatings & Corrosion
Coffee Roaster
Tool Cleaning
General Equipment

Meet the Aero2 line

The Aero2 PCS® 60

Enhanced for the Power of Choice.

Designed to give the user complete control. Utilizing Cold Jet’s patented Particle Control™ system, dry ice is cut into diamond shaped particles in the exact dimensions chosen by the operator (0.3mm to 3mm and every size in between), allowing the user to fine-tune blasting parameters for each unique application.

The Aero2 PLT® 60

Designed for Power.

Building upon the groundbreaking Aero2 technology, the PLT 60 is designed for applications that require more aggression. With PLT machines, you can blast with up to 250 PSI (17.2 bar) of pressure using proprietary nozzles that are optimized for high performance.

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