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RockVale is based in Riyadh, KSA

Having extensive experience in Information Technology. We have been providing Telecom Core Services and are leaders in the Free Space Optics high speed backhaul vertical (20 Gigabit over 20 KM), Data Center Facilities Management, Autonomous Robots for indoor and outdoor cleaning, HVAC Cleaning Robots and web and app based applications.

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  • Cold Jet • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Portable Wind Turbine + Battery & Solar
  • MEFC Fiber Optic Cables
  • Free Space Optics
  • Data Centers - Facilities Mgmt.
  • Tableau - End to End BI Solutions
  • Telecom Core Value Added Services
  • Danduct Clean - HVAC Cleaning Robots and Equipment
RockVale Is the Cold Jet Partner In KSA

Global leader in innovative dry ice technologies that puts recycled CO2 to work.

Providing the most technologically advanced Dry Ice Blasting Systems For cleaning, surface preparation and parts finishing.

  • We deliver solutions tailored to each application
  • Aero2 machines are the dry ice blasters with industry changing performance allowing faster cleaning with greater power.
  • CO2 blasting is also chemical free, water free, and does not create secondary waste streams.
  • Dry ice is a food grade media and is safe for commercial use.
  • Reduce downtime | Increase efficiency | Environmentally sustainable
  • Maintenance with Dry Ice Blasting The Path to Optimal Efficiency.
  • No masking or drying time | Lower bacteria counts

The Aero2 Series is the highest performing line of dry ice blasters available.


Portable Wind Turbine + Battery & Solar

Rockvale.sa is Partner with Uprise Energy in KSA. Uprise Energy Has Developed the World’s First Mobile Wind Turbine.

  • 14kW Wind Turbine • 5kW Solar • 200kWh Battery
  • Ships in 20' Shipping Container or two in a 40' ISO Container
  • Towable by Standard Vehicle
  • Sets Up In 1 Hour by 1 Person
  • Capable of Powering up to 15 average US Homes, Villages, Factories, Farms, Military Installations and Off-Grid Commercial Operations
  • The most technologically advanced wind turbine that also happens to be portable

Low Cost Clean Energy Where People Live & Work


Life saving to some, financially attractive to others, environmentally responsible for all.

Fiber OPtic Cables

RockVale Distributor for MEFC.
Manufacturer of all types of fiber optic cables.

Free Space Optical Communications

FSOC has the throughput of fiber, with the rapid deployment of wireless.

  • Rapid deployment

    FSOC has the throughput of fiber, with the rapid deployment of wireless. 20Gbps throughput at distances of up to 10kms

  • Cost effective with zero spectrum costs

    Cost effective with zero spectrum costs

  • Easily overcomes challenging terrain

    Can be used to connect Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across water bodies, mountains etc.


RockVale is the Exclusive Distributor for KSA

Danduct Clean is the world leading supplier of duct cleaning equipment and are supplying air duct cleaning equipment all over the world.

  • Efficient cleaning equipment
  • High quality craftsmanship and innovative construction
  • Largest training facilities for duct cleaning
  • Cleaning equipment for ventilation ducts, grease and boiler
  • Multi Purpose Robots for small, medium and large ducts
  • Barrier Balloon, Access doors and Accessories

Tableau has over 1200 global partners & Rockvale is proud to be one of them.

Rockville’s BI wizards have reached a high level of proficiency in Tableau and we can help you build end-to-end BI Solutions for any kind of reporting using this tool.

Cyber Security Services

We Are Always Ready
to Protect Your Data.

Defend Your Business Against the Latest Cyber Threats.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Posture Assessment • Security Gap Analysis
  • Social Engineering Pen Testing • Compromise Evaluation
  • Managed SOC & Patch Management services
  • Ransomware Forensics • IT Governance • ISMS Audits
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits & Preparedness
  • Penetration Testing (Black Box - White Box)
Data Center Cleaning Services

Experts in Data Center Cleaning & Maintenance.

Rockville data center cleaning services provide a complete suite of specialized data center cleaning services including:

  • Cost effective services designed to help remove built-up contamination
  • Detailed ports and equipment cleaning
  • Helps prevent downtime and improves reliability
  • Team of highly trained technicians
  • Data Center Cleaning with 0% downtime
  • ISO certified services

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